You Can Heal Your Life

As the experts in the documentary Beyond Belief suggest, one of the quickest ways to begin to shift subconscious programs is to begin to ‘shift’ your environment.

This does not mean you immediately drop all your friends or leave your spouse!  But simply making small changes around you can have a huge impact on your life.   Everything you see, hear, feel, the books you read, what you listen to, and yes, the people you hang out with, all have an influence on you.

So the more you can surround yourself with positive, uplifting, supportive messages, the faster you will change your subconscious beliefs about what is possible in your life.

And right now, if you have not watched this movie yet, go see Louise Hay’s inspiring movie, You Can Heal Your Life.  It will inspire you with a story of a woman who lived through dramatic changes in her own life, and give you another example of what is possible.

The inspiring documentary Beyond Belief, produced by Jim Holknecht and Becky Hays, features some of Hayhouse Best-Selling authors and Leaders of Personal Transformation.