Why Should I Stop Smoking?

Why Should I Stop Smoking?

What’s In it For Me?!

You may have your own personal reasons why you want to become a nonsmoker. 

The obvious health reasons,  that uncomfortable feeling you get being the only smoker in the group,  sitting in public as heads turn your way with that judgmental look and a frown,  hiding from family or friends, sneaking outside to grab a smoke, tons of money down the drain, burns in the carpet, burns on your clothes, yellow teeth, bad breath.

The list is long.

Feeling like a Prisoner.   Forced to go outside.  Stand in the cold, the rain, the heat.

Sentenced to a small, confined space, like a prison cell, where the smoke and stink permeate the air.

Not to mention the small fortune you spend on cigarettes, as the taxes and the prices go up and up and up!  The money you spend in one year alone equals a vacation in paradise!

So Why Not Quit Now?!


The dept of health publishes amazing facts about the benefits of becoming a nonsmoker.  Your body has an amazing ability to ‘heal itself’ the moment you stop smoking.


Healing Happens

  • IF you ever feel that edgy, hungry, tired or short-tempered feeling, even temporarily, it is the sign of a symptom of recovery.
  • Those effects are the result of your body clearing itself of nicotine. They do not last. In fact, a single symptom NEVER lasts longer than a few minutes, and when you quit–most nicotine is gone from your body in two to three days!

The first day

* Within 20 minutes, your blood pressure and heart rate drop to normal
* Within 8 hours, poisonous carbon monoxide levels in your body go down, and oxygen levels in your blood stream go up
* In 24 hours, the chance of having a heart attack decreases

The first week

* Your nerve endings start to regrow
* Your sense of taste and smell improves
* Your bronchial tubes relax, making it easier to breathe
* Your lung capacity increases, allowing you to breathe more deeply

The first year

* You cough less or not at all, and you have more energy and fewer sinus problems

Within a few years

* Your risk of lung cancer and your risk of stroke decrease and are almost the same as a person who has never smoked

Start saving for that vacation in paradise, as you become a nonsmoker today!

Do you want more support – to ‘go that extra mile’ and Make it Happen?  Go see the Smoking Cessation Program with hypnosis for smoking to help you quit.


Becky Hays, CH/MNLP
Certified Master NLP & Hypnosis Intuitive Life Coach