The Secret to Deliberate Creation by Jim Holzknecht

Have you ever had a strong desire like: having more money, being in a better relationship, or improving your health and yet not had those desires realized?

Ever wonder why some people are able to accomplish what they set their minds to while others are not? How do some seem to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams while others do not?

What’s the difference? The answer is the people who are able to manifest and deliberately create what they want in their lives follow a process whether consciously or subconsciously. So what is this process?

  1. Define the dream
  2. Have a burning desire for the achievement of that dream
  3. Think about and focus on the dream often with high intensity and a long duration
  4. Believe that the dream will be or already has been fulfilled
  5. Feel good throughout the process

This process of deliberately creating what you want in your life can ultimately be simplified even further to two simple steps:

  1. think about your dream often and
  2. feel good while your thinking about it

According to Earl Nightingale, “you get what you think about most of the time.” Those thoughts create your choices, behaviors, actions and ultimately shape your future.

As discussed in the movie Beyond Belief, both your conscious and subconscious beliefs play an important role in whether or not you will achieve what you want in your life. The opposite of belief is doubt.

If you are focused on your dream or goal and you have no doubt that you will achieve it (strong belief), then that is what you will move towards. If, however, you consciously or unconsciously doubt you will achieve the goal, and your thoughts are more focused on not having the dream or the “lack” of the dream, then that is what will continue to manifest in your life.

Feelings are strong indicators of your thoughts. If you are feeling down, doubtful, disparate, sad, resigned, cynical, depressed, anxious, fearful, or bad, then that is a sign that you’re focusing on not achieving your goal and you will not achieve it.

If you feel good when you think about your dream or goal, that is, if you feel invigorated, alive, inspired, enthusiastic, eager, happy, etc., then that is a good sign that you will manifest your desires.

An effective way to increase your belief about achieving your desires is to listen to inspiring self-empowerment recordings, get coaching from experts, and continue to learn and grow.


In future articles and posts, we will go into more detail about each of the 5 manifestation steps outlined above. May you always dream your life and live your dream.

Jim Holzknecht (best-selling author of Mid Life Playbook) and Becky Hays (Master NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist) co-produced the groundbreaking documentary Beyond Belief – which features over 20 of the world’s leaders in personal growth and transformation.