The Power of Thought Science Bridges the Gap with Dr Joe Dispense

We hear a lot about the power of thought these days, and how we ‘create our own reality’ yet most people still tend to disbelieve it, or write it off as hocus-pocus.

That’s why I LOVE when science bridges the gap.  Because science is always seeking truth, and searching for proof.

Stay tuned for a series or posts starting next year, with Dr Joe Dipenza

Dr Dispenza has helped thousands of people around the world use the power of their thoughts to heal and transform their lives.

In this five part series, he sums up how powerful a simple thought can be, and how it directly effects your life.   Let science bridge the gap.

Thoughts create reality…so think the good ones!

And come back next year!

Dr Joe Dispenza is an author, scientist/researcher, teacher and featured expert in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Rutgers Univ, with an emphasis in neuroscience.  He specializes in neurology, brain science, memory formation, aging and longevity.