The Magical Mystery Experience part two by Timothy Freke

continued from part one..

Tonight we are all experiencing the magical mystery and the room is thick with big love.

Everyone can feel it and some people are emotional.  I look around me at the group of beautiful people sitting serenely in the effervescent stillness. No one wants to speak in case it breaks the enchantment of this precious place.  Occasionally someone attempts a few words… ‘ecstasy’ … ‘connection’…‘enlightenment’.  A young guy smiles cheekily and adds ‘it’s better than sex!’, which makes us laugh.  Then an elderly lady sings a sweet song and we sink into the silence again.

As I look around me at all these gorgeous faces I celebrate our individuality. We are all one and yet so unique.  Tonight we have amongst us a physicist, an artist, a  retired business man, two young sisters, a diplomat who speaks five ancient languages, and a transvestite called ‘Colin’. And in this oneness we can delight in the differences.  That wise gentleman over there is a priest in the Church of England… and he’s sitting next to a wonderful lady who is a Wiccan High Priestess!

I take the hands of the people either side of me, and this ripples around the circle, until we are all holding hands. Then I gently say

“So here we are… deep awake in the magical mystery … conscious that we are unique individuals and yet we are all one.

“And it’s because we are both individual and all-one that we can love each other.

“How cool is that?!”

There is general agreement that this is very cool indeed. And we sit there in the vibrating silence… one and many… bathing in big love.

Over the years my understanding of life has constantly changed, but one simple conviction has remained. All that really matters is love. And I feel, somewhere deep inside, we all know this.  There is nothing better than to be in love with life.  And only love can heal our heartbreak when we’re hurting.

When I run a seminar my deepest desire is that we wake up to oneness and commune together in big love.  Spiritual awakening is not a sterile realisation.  It is a vibrant emotion and a bodily feeling. It is a love that fills the hole in our soul and makes us feel complete. The adventure of becoming deep awake is a journey to the heart of love.

No one wants to break the circle, so I’m beginning to wonder if anyone will ever go home.  But eventually, one by one, we embrace each other then leave, and our quiet party fades away.  I lock the door of our meeting room and wander alone into the moonlit garden. In the black and white light of the night I appreciate the rich textures of the flowers that surround me and I sit by the Chalice Well dropping loose petals into the water.

It feels like fairyland.  I’ve returned to the secret garden I frequented as a child.  I’m drunk with love and overwhelmed with gratitude.  To be in love with one person is sweet. To be in love with all is indescribable. It is a love so deep it has no end. I’ve often made this pilgrimage to the sacred temple of love that lies at the heart of the secret garden… and it feels like home.

Timothy Freke is one of over 20 transformational leaders appearing in the movie Beyond Belief – produced by Becky Hays and Jim Holknecht.