The Cure for Despair Part 1 by Joe Vitale

In this story – Joe Vitale  shares how he changed from being homeless – to leading a life of prosperity, happiness and abundance.  Joe Vitale is one of over 20 guest speakers in the movie Beyond Belief.  Here is his story…

During dinner the other night, one of the people in our group looked at me and asked the question I didn’t want to hear –

“How did you become homeless?”

By now most people have heard my story of being on the streets of Dallas in the late 1970s and struggling in poverty in Houston for many years after that. Some of it is explained in my new audioprogram The Awakening Course.

But I had never explained exactly how I ended up in such dire circumstances.

When I answered the question at dinner, everyone at the table stared at me.

The woman who asked the question sat there with her mouth open and eyes un-blinking.

She asked, “Why have you never said this before?”

My friend Mark Ryan was sitting there, also staring, and said, “As long as I’ve known you, you’ve never told this story before. It’s riveting. This changes everything.”

Changes everything?


They all said I had to tell the story now.

“Given the current financial crisis and with people losing their homes and their jobs, this story needs to be told more than ever before,” Mark said.

I heard them and realized I agreed.

So here’s the story…

Continues in Part Two…

Note: Joe Vitale is a best-selling author of The Attractor Factor and too many books too count!  He is one of the guest experts featured in the groundbreaking movie Beyond Belief – produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays

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