The Benefits of Meditation

Morning Meditation and NLP

When you consider jumping into something like mindful meditation, if you are like me, you may put on the brakes and shout “Whoa, hold on!”  Just the phrase alone can seem daunting, if you have never meditated before.

How about this:

Guided Mindful Meditation

Now at least the ‘guided’ part puts me at ease.  It reminds me that there’s a chance I may actually be able to ‘keep up’ and ‘do this’.

It was always interesting to me how many clients who book a session for hypnosis to relax or reduce stress, or manage anxiety, will bring up meditation.

Some have tried meditating, and others have a practice a daily meditation, and others wonder if going into a state of hypnosis is similar to a meditation exercise?  (it is, but that’s not what this post is about!)

Even those who meditate often comment on how hard it is to keep the mind still, or to stop thinking thoughts.  Good luck with that one!

I believe the thoughts never truly stop, they simply keep running in the background – a form of self-hypnosis, or self-talk.

But I digress!  See how easy it is to become distracted?!  To let the mind wander with the thoughts and take you other place where you never intended to go.

It really is true:  You can become Lost in your Thoughts!

That is one reason meditation is so very useful.  It eases the mind into a state of calm tranquility. It teaches the mind to be ‘quiet’ so that you can get in touch with other thoughts running in the background, or take a peep inside, on a deeper level, and uncover those amazing ideas and inspirations that have been percolating inside, just waiting to bubble up to the surface.

This is one of those ‘side benefits’ that people often experience in a hypnosis session.  New ideas, insights, or creative solutions will come into awareness.

And on the ‘surface level’  where the outside world can become, at times, challenging or downright annoying, meditation helps you calm the ruffles and smooth the edges.

Meditation brings an immediate reduction in stress levels of the body.

The Benefits of Meditation are endless, and could fill the pages of a book.

But for now, a quick summary reveals that meditation can reduce stress, quiet the mind, release tension, allowing your body to live in a tension-free zone, which improves your health, your well-being, boosts immunity, sharpens your ability to focus and concentrate and improves memory.

I don’t want to bore you with so much more.  But meditation can also be a way of putting yourself into a state of self-hypnosis, to make positive changes in your life.

One of my clients describes it this way;  Hypnosis is like being put instantly into a meditative state, and making positive changes while you are in that state.

Are you ready to jump in yet? Get in touch to experience what a relaxing state of hypnosis can be like, and see what insights and ideas your mind may reveal to you.

Or at a minimum, simply Feel Better.

Becky Hays, CH/MNLP
Certified Master NLP & Hypnosis Intuitive Life Coach