Take Creative Action by Becky Hays

A well-known truth is how the best creative writing exercises and workshops for opening up creativity include tips for shifting your beliefs.

Why is this so important?!  Because people tend to ‘learn’ negative thoughts and beliefs around creativity, at an early age, starting with the belief that creativity is a waste of time, or not important.

Yet talk to any career planner when drafting your next resume,  and ‘creative thinking’ will be one of the skills in demand.  It can be interesting to notice how a person can hold two opposing beliefs:

One side of your brain is screaming: Jobs for creative people do not exist!

But the other side remembers that Creative Thinking (a.k.a. problem solving) is a highly sought after skill.

Of course you may be familiar with “taking action” but how about:

“Taking Creative Action

Creative Action can make the difference between getting out of debt, landing the perfect job, attracting the perfect mate…or not.

Opening up your creativity opens up unlimited possibility.

Energy flows..where attention goes…so right now I would like to shift your attention to a Creative Opportunity opening up in front of you right now.  How do you take creative  action?  Well, for starters: do something different, something new, something out of the box, something out of the blue.

Drive to work in a different way, write with the ‘other’ hand, think about what could go RIGHT rather than what could go WRONG.

Start by creating a new thought – that leads you towards what you want in life, instead of holding you back.

Your thoughts create reality – think the good ones!

Becky Hays co-produced the film Beyond Belief along with Jim Holzknecht.  She holds a private coaching practice where she helps clients uncover limiting beliefs that are holding them back – and reframe them towards a positive direction.