Solfeggio Frequency 852 Hz – Awaken Intuition by Becky Hays

Solfeggio frequencies are the ancient 6 tone scale used in sacred music, including Gregorian Chants. Each tone is comprised of a frequency to balance the mind, body, spirit.  Different tones affect different aspects of your life.

Becky Hays, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist, has created a series of Solfeggio Tones for her own creative joy and to share the benefits with others.

Solfeggio 852 Hz – Awaken Intuition, is the frequency that helps you see through illusion, hidden agendas, and open up communication with Spirit.

Raise awareness and return to spiritual order.

Listen to this solfeggio tone for FREE here:

This relaxing and harmonious video embeds the solfeggio tone with peaceful background music. Listen daily as a short, mini-meditation, or when drifting off to sleep at night.

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