Manifesting Your Life with Stillness Meditating Tips by DavidJi part two

Part two….continued from part one

DavidJi is an internationally recognized stress management expert,  corporate trainer, meditation teacher and author of the critically acclaimed DeStressifying, The Real World Guide to Personal Empowerment, Lasting Fulfillment, and the amazing book Secrets of Meditation: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace and Personal Transformation.

DavidJi apprenticed under Deepak Chopra for over a decade as the Center’s Lead Educator and Dean of Chopra Center University.  DavidJi has personally taught hundreds of thousands of people to meditate.
Listen to DavidJi below in this excerpt from the Hayhouse World Summit on Health and Wellness:

continued from Part one:
DavidJi : And that’s why I use the word cultivating your awareness, as opposed to meditation practice, because meditation practice is just one of the forms of cultivating your awareness. And when I’m teaching the military or cops, or when I’m teaching high stressed business people, I teach them to heighten their awareness, which is not just while their eyes are closed sitting in a corner and meditating.

when I’m teaching the military or cops, or when I’m teaching high stressed business people, I teach them to heighten their awareness

And that’s really what they then take into the real world, it’s that Bhagavad Gita line, yogastha kuru karmani:

establish yourself in the present moment – and then perform action

Diane : And you use this in the groups that you teach as well, you mention that you work with law enforcement, and you also teach people to go out and teach other people these techniques.

DavidJi : Right, yeah, for three years now I’ve been teaching the masters of wisdom and meditation teacher training. We’re about, we’re just crossed over a hundred certified teachers worldwide, and it’s people who immerse into all the ancient teachings from biblical times, to the Gita, to the Rig Veda, to the Upanishads, to the modern day with Deepak Chopra, and Don Miguel Ruiz, and Pema Chodron, and Thich Nhat Hanh.

So it’s a beautiful compendium of the wisdom of the ages, as well as, becoming a master instructor in meditation.
Diane : I’ve picked up so much, and learned so much just, you know, from osmosis I guess and reading the material and listening to your teachings. And just to let people know, you know, once you kind of take those steps on that path and you’ll see changes, you’ll see changes in your life.

DavidJi : Oh yeah.

Diane : Even in small ways and bigger ways, and just kind of incorporating some of the meditation techniques that you talk about in Destressifying, some of the easy ones, you know, maybe and you know you can share one right now.

DavidJi : Well we can, one of the one, probably the one I’m most known for worldwide is probably the simplest one, and it’s called sixteen seconds. And the reason I like it so much, is because for someone who is uninitiated into meditation or for someone who’s never meditated at all, or says I must be doing it wrong, I haven’t, the Buddha hasn’t come and visited me yet. It’s to show the power of this concept of the pattern interrupt. So here is how it works, and you can…

Let’s do it…

continued in part three