Listening to Your Intuition by Brad Morris

Did you know that you have the most powerful intuition out of ANYBODY you know!?

Did you know that you have the ability to tell what is in the highest and greatest good for YOU in each & every moment?

YES, it is TRUE that your intuition is more powerful than anyoneʼs you know! There is nobody on Planet Earth who can tell you what choices will serve you best and which ones wonʼt, better than you. That strong, silent, yet powerful voice inside of you is the TRUE voice that you want to be listening to. It is the voice of Destiny.

Have you ever had all of the closest people in your life telling you that ʻyou should do this and you should do thatʼ…. but never stopping to ask you what you are doing or what you plan to do???

I have found that with a consistent daily practice of yoga and sitting meditation (doesnʼt matter which kind) have helped me to become more powerfully attuned to MY OWN INTUITION. Before I learned to quiet my mind I would feel confused and chaotic inside because everyone around me was telling me what to do, how to do it, where to go, etc…I was never listening to My Inner Calling. Sound familiar?

ʻLife can be like the currents in the Ocean; throwing us around, left & right, smashing us up against painful rocks. That is until we find the power to ground ourselves like a rock and listen to that intuition. When we are grounded, centered and focused, it does not matter what the current around us is doing, because we are All Knowing & Confident.ʼ

I want to re-affirm to any of you self-doubters out there. Listen to yourself, to where inspiration leads you. If you practice tuning in to what your body is speaking, then youʼll know more often when to say ʻyesʼ and when to say ʻno.ʼ If you listen to what everyone thinks about you and if you let other peopleʼs judgments get the best of you, then youʼll remain in a stagnant, unfulfilling rut in your life.

To practice the power of your intuition, you have to practice LISTENING to it and FEELING what it is saying. So, here is a simple & FUN exercise for you to begin practicing today. . . . We are given many choices everyday, often multiple choices each moment. Your mission is to begin questioning the actions you commonly take without thinking about.

YOUR 24-Hour Intuition Challenge:

For the next 24-hours and beyond if you decide, your mission is to ask yourself before making choices this question, “Is this in my highest and greatest good?” OR “What is in my highest good right now?” You will know, based on your bodyʼs response if it is, or if it isnʼt. And the challenging part of this exercise, is saying NO when itʼs not in your highest good and YES when it is!!

Good luck. And have fun communicating & listening to YOUR intuition!

Brad Morris is one of over 20 leading experts in human development featured in the movie Beyond Belief – produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays