Joe Vitale, Star of The Secret and International Best Selling Author of The Attractor Factor, The Awakened Millionaire, opens up about Abundance, the Law of Attraction and his Secret Formula for Success

International best selling author Joe Vitale, star of the Secret, and author of The Awakened Millionaire, Zero Limits, The Attractor Factor, At Zero, Attract Money Now, Ho’oponopono: The Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual as the Key to Your Life’s Fulfillment, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual, The Key, The Abundance Paradigm, The Prosperity Factor, The Secret Prayer, and The Seven Lost Secrets of Success opens up on the law of attraction, and his secret formula for success and abundance.

Becky Hays and I along with our camera crew caught up with Dr. Joe Vitale in his beautiful home in Wimberley Texas.

I will always have a special place in my heart for Joe because not only was he our very first interview for Beyond Belief, but also because he is just so much fun to hang out with.

The first thing I noticed was his collection of guitars displayed prominently throughout the house. Before meeting him, I hadn’t realized just how passionate he was about music, song writing, and playing the guitar. In fact, after the interview he took out his acoustic guitar and jammed for us. It was very cool. His love for music was matched only by his love for learning and reading. His library was extensive and spanned two floors.

Throughout the interview, he shared many powerful, inspiring insights about the law of attraction, abundance, self empowerment, and Ho’oponopono: a Hawaiian Forgiveness Ritual.

The following audio recording is an out take from the Beyond Belief movie interview with Joe Vitale.

Play the audio and follow along with the interview transcript below.

Audio Interview with Dr. Joe Vitale

One of the things that I do and that I recommend that people do is that they pay attention to their self-talk. Now it’s important to realize that you’re not your thoughts, not your feelings, you’re not your body, you’re behind all of that.

And it’s really wonderful when you start to realize that and become present to it because now you’re detached, now you’re in this place where you’re almost one with the universe, one with the divine. So when you’re in a relationship and you start paying attention to your own self-talk, when you’re starting to give meaning to something that’s happened, or give meaning to what somebody else has said, or give meaning to another person, you realize that your meaning is creating a reality that may not be true.

What you want to do is focus on the moment, get behind the thoughts, get behind the judgements, get behind the meaning so you can be present to whoever you are with, including yourself. When you are, the divine can come through you, inspiration can come through you, love can come through you and that entire relationship is transformed.”

end of part. one…continued in part two…

Joe Vitale is one of the transformational leaders featured in the groundbreaking documentary Beyond Belief, produced by Jim Holknecht and Becky Hays