Joe Vitale, Star of The Secret and International Best Selling Author of The Attractor Factor, The Awakened Millionaire, opens up about Abundance, the Law of Attraction and his Secret Formula for Success part two

Interview with Joe Vitale for the film Beyond Belief – part two…

Jim Holzknecht: How can we free ourselves from the mind chatter and the constant judgements, assessments, opinions, comparisons, and self criticisms?

Joe Vitale:

Your mind is a meaning-making machine. It’s going to do it’s best to give meaning to everything that happens. Now most of us; the way we were trained, the way we were grown up, the way we were schooled, have learned to give negative meaning to everything that happens and what I’ve learned to do is, since my mind’s going to give meaning to everything anyway, is to give positive meaning to everything that happens.

One of my favorite phrases, and I wrote about this in one of my books, “The Attractor Factor”, is the whole idea of “Turn it in to something good.” No matter what goes on in my life, no matter what happens at any particular moment, I look at it and I go, “How can I turn this into something good?” An even a more evolved thought is to look at it and say, “How is it already good?”

Jim Holzknecht: What suggestions do you have for people to create more wealth and abundance in their lives?

Joe Vitale:

Well I love to talk about money and how getting clear and being in that openness space allows you to attract it into your life. I’ve been attracting a lot of money recently. I’ve been attracting a lot of cars recently. I’ve been attracting homes recently.

I’m having a great time allowing this to come into my life. And I think that’s a key word right there. I’m allowing it. I’m not desperate for it. I don’t need it. I’m not attached to it. I’m in this very open place where I’m just present with the idea that money in and of itself, is meaningless. Cars, in and of themselves, are meaningless. Houses, in and of themselves, are meaningless. We apply meaning to them but most of the meaning people apply, probably including you, is one of desperation.

It’s one that I need money. I want money. I must have money. I need to get a new car. I must have a new car. I gotta make these car payments. I gotta have a bigger house. I gotta have a safer home. Whatever it happens to be. But if you listen to the energy behind that, you’re actually not being present in the moment.

You’re bringing a lot of desperation and feelings of concern and worry and fear from the past and projecting them on the future and this moment gets contaminated. This moment, instead of saying, “I would really love to have a great deal of money just flow into my life, which is a neutral statement which would most likely bring it in. You say something like, “I gotta have money by Friday,” and that instead sends out energy that pushes money away. What you want to do is be present.

And again, you want to be in this moment. You want to be in this moment where you just think,
“It would be wonderful if I had the money. It would be wonderful if I had this particular car. It would be wonderful if I had this particular house. But I don’t need it. I won’t die if I don’t have it. I’m not desperate about it. I’m totally at peace. I am free. I am what some might call a clearing, an opening, an opportunity for it to come in.

end of part two…continued in part there…

Joe Vitale is one of the transformational leaders featured in the groundbreaking documentary Beyond Belief produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays