Jack Canfield Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Excerpt from Beyond Belief on

Basically out thoughts are sending out signals like a radiowave and those radiowaves are basically saying I want things to come back into my life that match the vibration of that.  So if I’m in fear and resignation, then I’m going to attract more things to be in fear about and be resigned to.  If I’m in optimism thinking positive thoughts, then I’m going to attract things that will allow me and encourage me and reinforce that sense of positivity,  If  I’m in a state of gratitude I’m going to attract more things to be grateful for.  If I’m in a state of fear then I will attract more things to be afraid of.

The law of attraction to me means that I attract things that are similar vibration to what I’m putting out, simple way of saying it is like attracts like.  Now in physics we know that opposites attract, but in law of attraction what happens is, anything I’m vibrating at, anything out there in universe that is similar vibration will be attracted to me.  It’s actually law of harmonics so that if we have a piano in one room and we hit a C chord on the piano, if there were another piano perfectly tuned in the room, those same 3 or 4 strings on that piano would start to vibrate as well

So by law of attraction what happens is the feeling tone we have will attract and cause to vibrate at a similar level and move towards me.   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on an airplane and the thing that I’ve been thinking about, the next day, someone will be sitting by me on a plane or I’ll be sitting next to them in a restaurant or I’ll meet them in a meeting, and they will be exactly the solution I’m looking for.

My favorite example is when I decided I wanted to go to the Olympics in China, and I just started thinking that thought and visualizing that.  Two days later I was speaking at a convention in Vegas for a multi-level marketing company, and this guy walks up to me clearly Chinese and he says, “you’re Jack Canfield aren’t you?”, and I said yeah, he said, “Have you ever wanted to speak in China?” and I said yeah I do, more importantly I  want to go to the Olympics.   He said, “Here’s the deal.   I run a training company in china we would love to have you come speak, and my brother-in-law is on the Chinese Olympics committee.  I’m sure I can get you tickets.”

And that happens to me more and more often the more I get into a connection to source energy, connection to God however you want to call that.  The law of attraction just keeps attracting everything that I need to live the life of my dreams.

Being clear about what you want and having focus is critical to getting what you want. One of my mentors was a man named Buckminster Fuller.  He was an Einstein of our age back in the 50s, 60s, 70s and my favorite quote of his is: Clarity is power!

When you have clarity about what you want it’s like a laser beam.  You know right now, I’m being illuminated by a lot of light (in the room)  but they are very diffused and so those lights don’t have much power.  But if we take those lights and we put them in phase and we aim them like a laser beam we can cut through metal.

So the more focused we are, just like a magnifying glass focusing the rays of the sun, many of us as kids would start a fire with leaves by putting a magnifying glass on it, or a piece of paper.  We took the broad spectrum of the frequency of the sunrays and we focused and narrowed it down, and it becomes much more powerful.

Jack Canfield is one of the experts in the documentary Beyond Belief, produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays.