It’s The Thought That Counts by David R. Hamilton PhD

Every thought and feeling changes something in the body. Ever been embarrassed? Did your face go red at the thought of people looking at you or knowing something private about you? Of course it did. Your thoughts are affecting your biology!

On the positive side, our thoughts can have far reaching health-giving consequences. For example, scientific studies have shown that thinking and feeling care or compassion for another person can bring coherence to the rhythms of the heart. One study even found an increase in key immune chemicals after 5 minutes of such loving thoughts.

Thoughts and emotions even bring about changes at the level of the DNA. Our genes continually switch on and off as the body goes about it’s basic house-keeping. However, our thinking influences the process.

Take a simple example. Say you fall and scrape your knee. As the body begins to repair itself, genes switch on to provide the materials needed for repair, like hormones, clotting factors, even new skin. But if you were focusing your attention on stuff that made you sad, or even believing that you would take ages to heal, then genes would switch on that would interfere with the healing process.

On the other hand, if you imagined that the wound was healed and believed that your thoughts would help, then genes would switch on and you would heal faster.

Additionally, strong emotions like fascination, wonder, awe, excitement, and enthusiasm, as well as spiritual states of consciousness, are so powerful that they even switch on genes that cause brain cells to grow in adults – something that, up until a few years ago, was believed to be impossible. The key is the interaction of emotions with DNA.

This all happens inside the body. Where it gets really interesting is when our thoughts affect things outside of the body.

Some scientists placed organisms in test tubes and found that people could influence them just by intending for them to change. For instance, people could either mentally speed up or slow down the mutation of E-coli on command.

Some university research has also shown that a thought about a person is registered in their body. While hooked up to devices measuring electrical resistance in the skin, scientists measured changes in people depending on the thoughts held about them by people in another room.

These things are able to occur because all life is interconnected at the quantum level. A thought not only affects your body, but it ripples throughout the invisible web that interconnects all of life. Each of us affects the whole.

Therefore it is possible for us to make a real positive difference in the word by changing our attitudes and behaviours towards each other. In a very real way an act of kindness in your own home or workplace will ripple throughout the interconnectedness of life and make a difference in the lives of people on the other side of the world. And ultimately, it’s not so much the act, but the space of love it came from that it most important. It’s the thought that counts.

So if you want to see a world you dream of then start with yourself. Each of us can make a real difference, regardless of our status in life. Everyone is important. And that means You!

A simple formula is to show love for self, love for others, and love for nature.