How to Do What You Love by Becky Hays

How can you choose to do what you love?

Have you ever wondered how to become a writer?

Have you ever wanted to share your story?

Or maybe there is something else you want to do, yet something holds you back.  Those are what I call Beliefs – Limiting Beliefs.

I have worked in session with many creative people, including writers, and I have seen people move past obstacles they believed were impossible.

Everyone has a set of beliefs. Some beliefs are empowering – and others get in the way.

The question to ask is this:

Do your beliefs support you, or do they get in your way?

You may have a burning desire to write a book, or a story, yet carry a belief that you have no writing skills or lack talent.  Maybe you’ve even been to writing workshops, but, nothing seems to happen.

Do you have a story to tell?  Stories are what change people, stories change the world around you.  If you have been stuck in the muck, wondering what to do, consider this:  Do you have a story to share, that could impact the world, or at the very least fill you with joy?

If so, get started.  Here is something to help you get a jump start on your creativity.  Check out this online workshop:

This writers workshop at Hayhouse all started with one, little, book.  A little book written by Louise Hay about positive affirmations.  She self-published that little book in her church to pass it around.

and now, decades later, her organization has jump-started many best-selling authors around the world!!  …anything is possible!  Look where one, small book can take you.

If you have a story to share, check out the writers workshop, or, just pick up a pen.   Start writing.    You never know where it will take you.  Imagine how many people’s lives will be touched, from taking this one creative action today.

Becky Hays and Jim Holzknecht co-produced the groundbreaking documentary Beyond Belief.  Becky has met with coaching clients for over a decade to help them blast past obstacles and Do What They Love.