Heartmath A Mindfulness Meditation Technique part two by Jim Holzknecht

And that is the power of this. Emotions are an energetic power train that can literally change the physiology of our body. Often times athletes call this “the zone” and when I ask people “how many have been in the zone” almost everyone raises their hand. And when I ask how do you get there, “I don’t know.. I just got there and it felt great.” This is a way to get to the zone in a very systematic way at will.

You’ll be standing in the grocery store line, getting in the zone or state of “coherence” is what we call it. You can be in a business meeting and do this practice and be more connected in a business meeting. So it is the physiology of optimal performance by accessing the state of coherence.

And that’s basically what Heartmath is about?

That is what it is about. That is exactly what it is about.

I have been doing Heartmath meditations for several years now. One of the tools that I got to monitor whether or not I am in a state of “coherence”  is Heartmath’s emWave.

The emWave2 Silver Blue is a small electronic device that monitors heart rate variability. Basically, the greater the variability, the less coherent the state.

One of the downsides I found regarding the emWave was it kept beeping at me whenever my heart rate went beyond the machine’s optimal variability range.

Every time it beeped, it was negative reinforcement that I wasn’t in a state of coherence. That is why I recommend just turning the beeping sound off during your meditation.

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