Heart Centered Consciousness by Sandra Anne Taylor

Balancing the activity of the heart and mind is a very important factor in your energy projection and an important step in changing what you attract to your life.  So many people live their whole life in their mind, always analyzing, thinking about their problems, and worrying too much.  If this is the type of energy your mind engages in most, it’s time to make a shift to a heart-centered consciousness.

The function of the mind is to contemplate and analyze what is or could be valuable in one’s life, yet the function of the heart is to experience value and appreciate all the value that’s already present.  The heart feels joy while the mind spends much of its time searching for it, and wondering why it always seems so elusive.  This is the constant schism in which we find ourselves.  We’re always so busy worrying about how to be happy that we’re dismissing our power to find happiness in our heart right now.

But you can break this pattern and start to develop a joyous, heart-centered consciousness, one that will create a much more positive and magnetic vibration in your life.  An easy technique can shift your negative mental focus almost immediately.  Try this process and you’ll see a real difference in how you feel – and soon you’ll find a real difference in the results you’re attracting, too.

When you catch yourself worrying about something or when you’re annoyed or dissatisfied, use your power of choice to shift your consciousness from the anxiety of your head to the peace of your heart.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax your muscles.  Visualize your problem lifting up and floating away like a cloud on the horizon.

Take another deep breath, and as you inhale, sense the energy of your mind quieting down; feel your awareness slowly dropping down into your heart center. Just relax, keep letting go of all concerns, and focus your consciousness on your heart.

Then, as you continue to loosen up, let yourself think about something that makes you happy, that you appreciate.  Whether it’s a bright memory, a person you love, or a beautiful place that you’ve visited, let yourself picture that now.  Visualize all the details, and put yourself right in the center of the picture.  Bring it up close, and make it vivid and colorful, immersing yourself in that happy situation.

Feel the joy and let yourself smile.  You’re so relaxed, happy and peaceful.  This is the state of heartfelt appreciation, the warm feeling of grateful acceptance.  Hold on to it.  Know that its ultimate form is loving your life, and when you go back to your daily activities, choose to find gladness and peace in all that you do.

Joyous appreciation is the heart’s most magnetic vibration.  It is such an important energy that it can’t be overemphasized.  It brings serenity in the release of striving and allows you to rejoice in what you already have – opening your heart to receiving even more.  Every moment spent in this resonance creates a highly attractive vibration and a powerfully creative consciousness.  Along with self-honoring, it’s one of the most life-changing things that you can do!

I often tell my clients that there’s more than one meaning to the word appreciate.  The one we’re talking about here is in the present moment – in your heart right now.  But when referring to commodities such as real estate, the term means “to increase in value” – which is an absolute energetic truth.  Your life will have greater worth when you choose to appreciate it.  When you create a real consciousness of the quality of your days, you bring more value there.  And choosing to experience joy in the present moment means that your jubilant energy will magnetize much more to enjoy in the future.

Affirmations for Heartfelt Appreciation:

  • I have so much to be grateful for!  I look around myself and am satisfied.
  • I live with joyous and heartfelt gratitude.  As I appreciate my life, I attract more and more to appreciate.
  • I value my life and myself more and more each day. I deserve my own self-appreciation.
  • I always take responsibility for my own happiness.  I find many wonderful things to be happy about each day.
  • I am choosing to increase my focus on appreciation and self-acknowledgment.  I become more and more conscious of all that I have to be thankful for, and I take time to acknowledge it each day.

Sandra Anne Taylor is one of the experts featured in the documentary Beyond Belief – produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays