Greta Sesheta Excerpt from Beyond Belief Documentary

To awaken to your life’s purpose is an opportunity. to awaken, to listen, to do what we call lowly listening.  To get still, to get quiet, to move into a place of serenity, and actually, listen. Sometimes this involves asking a question.  And it’s important to ask the right question; the questions that will get you the results that you’re hoping for.

So the questions would not be for example, “Why is this happening to me?”, which then just brings up all of the justifications, the excuses, and keeps me in the place of a victim, but the question might be, “What is it that’s happening now?  What is it that’s wanting to be experienced by me?  What is it that’s wanting to express itself as me?”

And then having asked the question, listen, and be aware of the ways that the question might be answered.  It might be something that I hear, it might be just a sense that I have about things.  There might be a sign or a symbol somewhere, even in a bumper sticker.  The signs are all around us.  Listening, asking the questions, being aware, being open, being receptive to the answers that you get.

To move out of judgement about what the answers might be, or my preconceived ideas about what a good answer is, or what the answer wasn’t that I was looking for, but to be open to the divine wisdom, guidance, and direction that is within me and is all around.

I think that meditation, having a time of quiet reflection and contemplation is like it’s a requirement for the day.  Start the day with it, end the day with it. Take a couple of moments, it doesn’t have to be hours and hours.  It can just be, on the breath, an inhalation, and exhalation, breathing in the breath of god, a meditation.

And reflective reading, reading things that inspire and uplift me and support my ideas and stretch my imagination in terms of what is possible for my life.

I think that being of service is very importaint in the community.  Wherever it is that I am, where I can support someone, that I can offer, that I can give a smile, that I can share something of myself, that I can volunteer my time.  Any way of being in service to some greater good, within community is the idea of come unity, people coming together.  Like minded people coming together to grow and to share together.  Those are very important tools.