Getting Clear on Your Passion by Bob Doyle

Passion – and knowing what yours is – is a big topic of conversation these days.

Since the Law of Attraction has come to more of a forefront in the past few years, and people are learning  that they can create whatever kind of life they want, they are asking themselves, “Ok, what DO I want?

The Law of Attraction truly works “automatically” in your favor when you are clear on your passions and are living them!

But what if you’re NOT clear?

What if you’re one of the many people I meet who feels completely disconnected from their sense of Passion?  What if when asked to describe your “ideal life” or “vision”, you don’t even know where to begin?

First, you need to know that this “disconnect” from your sense of passion  is simply another form of resistance.

Many times, we stop putting attention on our passions early in life when our more traditional system of education and upbringing tends to put a child down a path on which the child has no real input.

If what you have learned about your passions are that they are “okay for a hobby but not a way to make a real living” or something similar, then it is no wonder that you have disconnected yourself from your feelings of passion.  It would be too painful to live with a sense of yearning to do something you believe you cannot do, so you create a story that you “don’t know what your passions are.”

This idea that you don’t know your passion, while it feels real right now, is an idea that you need to be willing to give up if you want to move into a fully satisfying life. We’re here to live our passions, so let’s not waste another minute not doing that!

Here are a few things to think about to help you tap into a lost sense of passion:

1. What do you daydream about? When your mind “goes off”, there’s a reason it goes where it goes. Many times our daydreams are our subconscious giving us a taste of what could be.

2. What would you do all day if you could do ANYTHING and money were not an issue for you at all?  When you clear up the way to feel financially free, you clear the way for yourself to think about what you’d TRULY like to do.

You must not judge your passions on your beliefs regarding their money-making potential.

I’ll note that the answer to this question for many people is “Nothing! I would just do nothing all day.” And that is a totally fair answer, and I invite anyone with that response to do a lot of visualization around a day filled with doing nothing, and see how those visions naturally evolve. They’ll lead you to your passion…

3. What or who inspires you? If you can’t immediately access your own sense of Passion,  or put a label on it, I invite you to think about what or who in the world inspires you…and why.

You can learn a lot about yourself by looking at how you interpret people and situations. If someone inspires you because of what they’re up to in the world, could that tell you more than a little something about what YOU might want to be up to in the world?

If you’re inspired by some kind of creative expression like art, music, film, or theater, what exactly about the experience is inspiring you? Just because you’re inspired by art, for example, doesn’t mean that you have a destiny as an artist, however.

Things that inspire us aren’t always the thing we’re supposed to be or do. However, anything that evokes inspiration in us, opens a portal to the essence of who we are.

Bob Doyle is founder/CEO of Boundless Living and one of the many guest experts appearing in the movie Beyond Belief, produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays.