Four Ways TimeLine Therapy® Can Help You by Tad and Adriana James

As mentioned in the movie Beyond Belief by Dr Tad and Adriana James, Time Line Therapy® is one of the fastest ways to get results. There are only four steps to make your life change and be better than you could imagine. Using these four steps you can make a change beyond belief!

Step One: getting in contact with your time line

Many people are not aware that they have their very own internal time machine. This can affect the very basis of your personality. Are you always concerned with time? How do you use time? Would you like to be on time more often, or would you like to know how to switch off on the weekends and relax? Inside your mind you have an understanding of time. You can tell the difference between yesterday, 3 weeks ago or five years ago. Time Line Therapy® uses your concept of time to remove negative emotions like Anger, Sadness and Limiting Decisions that lead to Limiting Beliefs (statements such as “I am not good enough” or “I will never find love”.

Step Two: let go of the past

The first thing Time Line Therapy® will do is to allow you to let go of negative emotions from the past. Starting with anger, then sadness and leading all the way to fear and guilt. Once the negative emotions have been removed from past memories, you will truly move forward and will not carry with you all that emotional baggage.

Step Three: Limiting Decisions

Limiting beliefs are always preceded by limiting decisions (consciously or unconsciously); and limiting decisions are the very reason why you have not had the success you would like in life. Be it in career, relationships or health. Limiting decisions are the decisions that you made before you had a belief about yourself. An example would be “I will never be wealthy because I did not go to university”. Or “Everyone in my family has heart disease or heart problems – therefore I will, too”. As a belief it is hard to change – be it unconscious or conscious. However, when you work using Time Line Therapy® with the decision that led to that belief you are working with something that can be changed and the effects are remarkable. And on the spot.

Step Four: Creating your Future®

The most exciting part of any Time Line Therapy® session is the seeing how Time Line Therapy® can help with the future. As mentioned by Dr. Tad James in Beyond Belief DVD, “the future is what you make it and you start now”. Once the past is cleaned up, the future is ready for you to make it exactly what you want. Using Time Line Therapy® and the Creating Your Future® process to create the ideal future is just a matter of taking the last step of your success and dropping into your time line. Let’s say you want to go on a holiday.  When do you know you are on holiday? Is it the planning of the trip, or arriving at your destination? What’s the last step so you know you’re going? Whatever it is, if you put that in the future – it will happen!

So, with Time Line Therapy® you can change how you feel about your past, improve your time in your daily life, let go of what’s holding you back and create the future you have always dreamed of!

Time Line Therapy® and Creating Your Future® are worldwide Registered Trademarks to Dr. Tad James.

Tad James and Adriana James are featured experts in the groundbreaking documentary Beyond Belief – produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays