Elaine Hendrix excerpt from the Film Beyond Belief

For me, when I know when I’m living my life’s purpose because I feel very solid in my body.  It’s a very visceral experience, where my senses are alive! I hear clearly and crisply, I see vibrant colors, I feel my feet on the ground

. For me it’s far more of a body and kinesthetic experience than it is intellectual or philosophical.

in finding commitment to your purpose, for me, I dealt a lot with anxiety, and learning to recognize anxiety, and the obstacles that brought.  Rather than running after something because I thought it was going to bring me a certain result I want, bring me money, because it was going to pay my rent, or whatever, those are anxious moments.  The more that I can trust, have faith, be in the here and now, I don’t move so anxiously, clamoring after something I think is going to get a result.  I start focusing more in on what do I truly want in my life, and then set forth actions towards that.

Along the path there are going to be setbacks, and if one just accepts that, when storms come, you’ll be prepared.  Every single day as an actor I work on my craft, my tool, my passion.  I do things to build my self up everyway possible, so that emotionally I’m strong, physically I’m strong, so when these setbacks come up I’m ready for them as much as I possibly can be.  I’ve learned to navigate through them, versus ever thinking that I’m going to be stopped by them.

One thing that I learned that was actually pretty shocking to me (during her role in the film What The Bleep Do We Know) was how our emotions are chemical reactions, and how we can become addicted to them.  I found that particularly interesting because I am in a career that deals all about emotions and re-created emotions, and making them very real for a scene in a movie.  A lot of my work is about mastering emotions, learning they are chemical, they are tied to my thoughts, and they don’t have to run the show.

Elaine Hendrix starred in the film What the Bleep Do We Know, and was one of over 20 transformational leaders to appear in the movie Beyond Belief produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays