Elaine Hendrix Discusses Present Moment Awareness, Mindfulness and How to Shift States

Excerpt from the interview with Elaine Hendrix for Beyond Belief documentary.  Jim Holknecht asks Elaine about her mindfulness techniques and how to shift states.

Jim Holzknecht

Describe a tool or technique you use to become more aware or mindful of your present moment and what do you do to shift states if needed ?

Elaine Hendrix

As best as you can stop, take a breath, recognize that you are feeling something and get in touch with the body sensations of it. Get your feet on the floor. Recognize where the anger or whatever the emotion is. Is it in your stomach? Is it in your neck? Is it in your face? Is it in your mouth? And just by stopping to observe it, it will start to dissipate. It will start to change and some movement, some breathing room will automatically happen.”