Cupid versus Your Subconscious Mind by Jim Holzknecht

Your subconscious mind here! So, what does Cupid have that I don’t?

Oh, sure, Cupid gets all the press! Meanwhile, here I am doing all the REAL work!! I’m what you might call an unsung hero.

Cupid’s only skill is shooting an arrow straight into people’s hearts! Ouch.

What about me? I help you with all the day to day stuff, like what to do once Cupid’s arrow has struck, or driving from point A to B, without remembering how you did it.

Too mundane for you?

Well how about helping you to:

  • Live the life of your dreams?
  • Pursue your passions?
  • Achieve and maintain optimal health?
  • Be a money magnet?
  • Have the relationship of your dreams?

I’m not greedy, I don’t need my own holiday like Cupid. Just a little respect and recognition would be nice though. Start using me more effectively. Get interested in me. Learn more about me. Please, give me the respect I deserve. You won’t regret it.

What will you get out of the deal you ask? You can learn to deliberately create whatever you want.

Our future depends on how interested you are in me.  Help me to help you create what you want.

I’m not saying to totally ignore Cupid, just don’t ignore me! For both our sakes!

Happy Valentines Day!!