Can You Really Quit Smoking After 20 Years?

Do you want to quit smoking but you are afraid it will be too hard?

People have many beliefs about why they cannot quit smoking. Maybe because they smoked for a long time, or because they started smoking when they were young, or  because they tried to quit smoking before and failed.

Those are all wonderful “beliefs” to let go.

The fact is, you were BORN a nonsmoker, and that means, your true nature is that you ARE a nonsmoker.

Smoking is a learned habit, and that means it can be unlearned. Tobacco contains many harmful chemicals, its true, but those chemicals will be released from your body within 2 or 3 days.

What you really want to change are your ‘learned habits’ around smoking, and ‘disconnect the triggers’ that drive you to smoke.  This is where NLP and hypnosis for smoking can be useful.

Becky Hays, CH/MNLP has helped people quit smoking including people who have smoked for decades, people who started young, and people who tried to quit many times, and she always shares this fact from the Dept of Health, where they publish statistics on smoking.

The majority of people who “successfully” stop smoking have tried to stop smoking more than once before they quit smoking for good.

That means, if you have tried to quit before, you have a higher chance of being successful this time.

Becky’s Favorite Story:

A lady once came to me for hypnosis for smoking. She started this habit at the age of six and by the time she came to me for quitting smoking she was 76 years of age.

For 70 years she had been smoking cigarettes! She had tried to quit before, but always slipped back.

After a few sessions with hypnosis and NLP, she stopped smoking, but then a major setback made her slip back.  In a few more sessions after we dismantled all the associations that were triggering the habit, she was able to quit for good.

If a petite lady can give up smoking after 70 years (smoking 1-2 packs a day), then you can too!!

Becky no longer offers sessions strictly for smoking cessation, however the program is still available on line.  This program uses the very same methods she used in session with her clients. It features multiple hypnosis sessions and guided NLP exercises, modeled on some of the best trainers in Hypnosis and NLP, plus tips that Becky has learned from her own clients, as they shared what has worked for them.

If you want more support, to help you reach the tipping point, go see the Smoking Cessation Program and take another step to Take Care of YOU!

You deserve it!

Becky Hays, CH/MNLP
Certified Master NLP & Hypnosis Intuitive Life Coach