Break Old Habits with Dr Joe Dispenza part two

Dr Dispenza holds a degree in biochemistry from Rutgers Univ, with an emphasis on neuroscience.  He was a featured expert in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? and has visited over 24 countries around the world teaching thousands of people how to reprogram their thinking using proven scientific principles.

Break Old Habits Pt 2
Continued from part one…
So most people by the time they are 35 years old become a set of memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, unconscious attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a subconscious computer program.
So, here comes the part that’s the most important. Every time you learn something new, you add a new stitch to the three-dimensional tapestry of your gray matter. And if you begin to think about what you learned, you’re causing your brain to fire new sequences, new patterns, and new combinations. And whenever you make your brain work differently, you’re changing your mind because mind is the brain in action.

So we could say then that new thoughts should lead to new choices and new choices should lead to new behaviors. And new behaviors should create new experiences. And new experiences then should create new emotions and those new emotions should inspire new thoughts. That’s called evolution.

Here’s the difficulty, because the process of change then requires you becoming conscience of your unconscious self. Here is your old self, and here is your new self.

Let’s just say that over a period of time you’ve become unconsciously addicted emotionally to suffering and all of your thoughts are equal to those emotional states and all of your behaviors are also equal to that emotion. You think the same thoughts every day and you demonstrate the same behaviors by complaining and blaming and making excuses for yourself.

And those emotions of suffering lead to guilt and feeling bad and you no longer want to get up and do anything. You become uninspired.

And all of a sudden, you become conscious that you are in that state. So now, you decide that in that moment, you’re no longer going to think the same way, and you’re
no longer going to act the same way, and you’re no longer going to feel the same way.

The first two hours goes by and everything goes really well but remember you’ve conditioned your body to become the mind of that victim or that mind of suffering.

And all of a sudden now, as you begin to interrupt that chemical continuity between your brain and your body, the body starts sending signals back to the brain. And all of a sudden, you start hearing little voices in your head, chatter that says, “Why don’t you start tomorrow? This is uncomfortable. This doesn’t feel right. It’s my mother’s fault that I’m this way. I’ll never change”.

And all of a sudden, you start hearing little voices in your head, chatter that says, “Why don’t you start tomorrow?

That’s the body looking to unseat the mind and return back to its familiar state.

The hardest part about change is not making the same choices you did the day before. And the moment you decide to no longer think the same way, make the same choice, act the same way, create the same experience or live by the same emotions, it is going to feel uncomfortable. It’s going to feel unfamiliar. There is going to be a certain amount of uncertainty and unpredictability.

The moment you feel uncomfortable, you just stepped into the river of change.

Now most people, the moment they feel uncomfortable, they return back to the familiar state of the mind and body. They start thinking the same way, acting the same way, feeling the same way and they say, “this feels right.”

No in fact, that feels familiar.

Going from the old self to the new self is the neurological, is the chemical, is the biological, is the hormonal, and even genetic death of the old self.

That void, that place of uncertainty, that unknown is the perfect place to create in. If you and I can become comfortable in that unknown and begin to decide who we do want to be, in other words, many people say when they’re in that unknown, “I can’t predict my future. This doesn’t feel right.” Well…

the best way to predict your future is to create it, not in the known, but in the unknown.

So what if you said now, “What thoughts do I want to fire and wire in my brain? What behaviors do I want to demonstrate?”

And if you were to close your eyes and begin to think about how you are going to act. The mere act of mentally rehearsing who you’re going to be begins to install the neurological circuits in your brain

to look like the experience has already occurred.

What that means is that the brain is primed in its circuitry to no longer be living in the past but now living in the future. And what if you said, “How would greatness live today? What would be the greatest expression of myself? Can I teach my body emotionally what that future could feel like now?”

And if you were able to cultivate the emotional state ahead of the actual experience, the
emotion then that you’re creating of wealth, the emotion that you’re creating of leadership, the emotion that you’re creating of patience, the emotion that you’re creating of a new relationship and love, now means that your body as the unconscious mind does not know the difference between an actual experience in your life that creates an emotion, and an emotion that you can create by thought alone. To the body it’s is exactly the same.

Your body then is all of a sudden emotionally living in the future instead of living in the past.

So here’s the question: Can you believe in a future that you can’t see or experience with your senses yet, but you’ve thought about enough times in your mind that your brain is literally changed to look like the experience has already occurred?

The latest research in neuroscience says that you can change your brain just by thinking differently.

And can you begin to select the new possibility that already exists in the quantum field and begin to emotionally embrace that future reality to such a degree that your body as the unconscious mind begins to believe that it’s living in that future reality in the present moment, and you’re signaling new genes and new ways so that your body begins to change to look like the experience has already occurred

So reason this; if your brain and body are physically changed, there’s physical evidence to look like the experience has already occurred, this is the moment to relax because the experience is going to find you. And it’s going to come in a way that you least expect, that surprises you and leaves no doubt that what you did inside of you produced some effect outside of you.

When you can correlate the changes you’ve made inside of you with the effect that you
produced outside of you, you’ll pay attention to what you did and you’ll do it again.

That is called human empowerment. There isn’t a person on the planet that’s so special to be excluded from this equation.

So the process of change then requires unlearning and relearning. It requires breaking the habit of the old self and reinventing a new self. But we say in neuro-science, pruning synaptic connections, and sprouting new connections, un-memorizing emotions that are stored in the body and then reconditioning the body to a new mind and to a new emotion.

In other words, move out of the past and into the future to deprogram and to reprogram, to lose your mind and create a new one.

People around the world are beginning to do the work going from the old self to the new self. So what’s the beauty behind this?

I invite you to take out a piece of paper and write down two thoughts that have been slipping behind the scenes of your awareness that you’ve not noticed and become conscious of your unconscious thoughts.

Decide two behaviors that no longer belong to the future and becomes so conscious of those behaviors and habits that you would never go unconscious again. And look at those emotions that keep you anchored to the past and decide if those emotions belong in your future, and become so conscious of those emotions that you wouldn’t fall to a lower level the remainder of your day.

And then decide two thoughts you do want to fire and wire in your brain.

Two behaviors that you’re going to demonstrate and rehearse them in your mind so that you’re priming your brain and activating the circuits so that when you get up, you’ll naturally do them without effort.

Now here’s the key though. You can’t get up as the same person who sat down. You have to get up feeling differently. Which means then, you can’t wait for your healing to feel wholeness. You can’t wait for your abundance to feel wealthy. You can’t wait for the mystical moment to feel awe.

In fact, you have to feel awe for the mystical moment to occur. You have to feel love for a new relationship to show up. You have to feel empowered in order to have success. You have to feel wholeness before your healing can occur. And most importantly, you have to feel abundant before your wealth can actually appear.

Now, when your brain and body are literally changed to look like the event has occurred, this is when the event finds you. So the word meditation which we’ll discuss in the next video means to become familiar with, to become so familiar with your unconscious states of mind and body that you would never go unconscious again.

Then keep firing and wiring new circuits in your mind and emotionally conditioning your body until it begins to become familiar to you.

So, I invite you over the course of the next few days to ask yourself this simple question when you wake up in the morning:

What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?

And decide who you want to be when you open your eyes, and don’t get up until you feel like that person. And your job then is to maintain that modified state of mind and body your entire day.   And If you do, get ready because something unusual will happen in your life.  That’s the law.

So, I want to invite you to continue sending your comments, if you’re doing the work that you’re applying it. Let us know the small miracles. I don’t care how small they are, how they’re beginning to appear in your life. In the next audio I’ll talk about how to demystify meditation so you’ll understand exactly what you’re doing and why. And when you understand the ‘what and the why’, the ‘how’ becomes easier. Thanks for listening.

Dr Joe Dispenza is an author, scientist/researcher, teacher and featured expert in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know. He holds a degree in biochemistry from Rutgers Univ, with an emphasis in neuroscience.  He specializes in neurology, brain science, memory formation, aging and longevity.

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