Amit Goswami, star of What the Bleep Do We Know, Discusses the Secret to the Law of Attraction & the Secret to Manifesting

Excerpt from the interview for the documentary Beyond Belief, with best selling author, quantum physics expert and star of What the Bleep Do We Know Amit Goswami.

The following is an out take (not in the movie) from the Beyond Belief documentary interview with Amit Goswami.

Jim Holzknecht:What is the secret to the law of attraction and the manifestation process?

Amit Goswami:

Our society says that we should pursue those things that we want to manifest in our lives and in that pursuit we become too ‘doing’ oriented. We don’t recognize that there is another half of that pursuit if that pursuit is to end up with real success, real manifestation which is the part that I call ‘being.’ We just have to be. We just have to wait and then those things we are pursuing, they come to us.

This is the secret ‘attractor principle’ and it is good to recognize. This is good for our society to remember. But the other half of the equation, the ‘do’ part, doesn’t go away. Quantum physics tells us, what the creative process tells us that doing is important because that leads us to new possibilities, new avenues to explore.

Being is good for us because that is when quantum possibilities proliferate because quantum objects are waves of possibility. They proliferate only when we are not looking at them. Only when we are not pursuing them with a lot of anxiety and doing and so forth.

So this combination, once again, ‘do’ and ‘be,’ this combination is what we need. Of course in addition, we have to really recognize that often what we are pursuing not only comes with the belief that I want to pursue this but also comes with other beliefs which are contradictory to my manifesting this particular object that I want to manifest.

For example, you want to manifest love but you may have a belief that love brings pain. These two beliefs are contradictory. So it is very important for the law of manifestation, to attract love towards you to give up that negative belief that love brings pain. What love will bring we just don’t know. Maybe you had a painful experience with love, no denying it but get over it because that is just one experience it’s meaning is to teach you something. Whether you learned it or not is past.

So being centered in the present manifestation, the present desire, the present intention is very important for the law of manifestation to come true (be realized) in your life but always remember ‘do’ and ‘be’ its a combination. Just ‘being’ doesn’t help just as just ‘doing’ does not help. A middle path ‘do’ and ‘be’ combined that is the secret, the whole secret of manifestation.”

Amit Goswami is one of the transformational leaders featured in the groundbreaking film Beyond Belief – produced by Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays