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Jim Holzknecht and Becky Hays met synchronistically in an NLP Training Center.  They combined their years of experience, vision and creative talents to co-found Present Course Media LLC and produce the documentary Beyond Belief - a catalyst for change.

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Becky Hays

Becky Hays

Co-Founder - Producer
Intuitive Life Coach
Master NLP Hypnotherapist


Becky Hays is an Intuitive Life Coach, Master NLP Hypnotherapist and co-founder of Full Circle Productions and Present Course Media.

Since 2007 Becky has helped clients in her private practice to overcome limiting beliefs and make profound changes in their life by applying the amazing tools of hypnosis & NLP.

Becky is an artist at heart and an entrepreneur in spirit, who is drawn to creative expression, the meta-physical and the mind-body-connection

Becky has helped people quit smoking, reduce stress, overcome anxiety, change careers, improve relationships and make radical changes beyond what they believed was possible.

Becky has a diverse background as manager of a startup company, a performing musician, co-founder of a video production company where she produced educational videos and documentary.  Her company sold to a PR Firm where she was retained as consultant.

Becky discovered NLP while producing a business coaching video series for a Regional Real Estate School.   This led to her studies in  EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki and other mind/body energy work.

Becky has met with clients since 2007 in her downtown Austin office and offers remote sessions, with clients from Hawaii to New York to Boston and beyond.

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Becky Hays
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Jim Holknecth

Jim Holzknecht

Producer & Director



Jim Holzknecht is a best selling author, award winning producer, teacher, coach and  speaker.  He specializes in empowering individuals to live life to the fullest with inspiration, play, fun, freedom, passion and purpose.

Jim and his team create transformational programs which enable people to play full out in their lives, align with their authentic passions and awaken to their highest purpose.

He has worked with and interviewed some of the leading luminaries, authors, teachers, coaches, speakers, actors, self-help experts and spiritual leaders including:
Jack Canfield
Marci Shimoff
Raymond Aaron
Joe Vitale
Julia Cameron
George Take
Amit Goswami
Bruce Lipton
Brad Blanton
Don James
Robert Dilts
and many others.

He hosts the inspiring self-empowerment podcast, Play by Play on Life available on iTunes.

His new #1 Best Selling book Midlife Play Book: 21 Day Game Plan to Get Your Fun Back is available on Amazon.

You can reach Jim Holzknecht
Phone:  512-766-6225